My project is to try, within four or five years, to save a species of wild goose which is on the brink of becoming exctinct ( the lesser white-fronted goose: anser erythropus) using the method of the geese following a microlight. This goose used to breed in large numbers all over Lapland. Today there only about ten pairs left in this region. These geese spend the winter around the Black sea and the Caspian sea. The high pressure of hunting by the local population on these wintering sites has practically eradicated this protected species in only a few years. My aim is to use a group of for or five microlights followed each year by about one hundred fifty young geese bred artificially in Europe. Migrating birds always return to nest in the area where they have learnt to fly. The aim therefore, is to achieve migration starting from Lapland leading the geese with the microlights to more favourable wintering areas in Holland. The pilots of the microlights have already achieved migrations with birds (Canada geese: branta canadensis; barnacle geese: branta leucopsis; and cranes: grus grus).